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Installation and Debugging work of Rotary Dryer

Post Date:01-27


Rotary dryer's installation:

Dryer equipment sent to the user site, and the process with the installation, pointed elevation and horizontal position, tilt installation, general dryer drum inclination of 2-5 degrees (according to user needs adjustment), drying care care Frame and drive frame have foot holes, can be installed on concrete.

1. the mechanical base and the base pad into the 碶-shaped pad a total thickness of not more than 30-35 mm;

2. with shaped plate to adjust the height of the base so that the end of the tilt of 5 degrees;

3. the adjustment of the base after the cylinder on the bracket, and finally adjust the wheel;

4. install the dryer part of the transmission;

5. convinced that the wheel, transmission, cylinder adjustment is appropriate, began pouring cement, after 8-10 days, the cement solidification, began to test the no-load;

6. drying body position adjustment method.

(1) On the whole length of the left and right sides of the dryer body, install two parallel steel wires whose wire diameter is 0.5-1mm and check the wire level with a horizontal instrument;

(2) Put down the two phase-cut and phase-cut phase hammers from each round on both sides of the dryer.

(3) measuring the distance from the wire to the wire fall to detect the body in a horizontal position;

(4) measuring the relative vertical height of the two highest points to check the body in the vertical plane of the amount;

(5) The method of using mobile electric wheel to transfer only c, d two determination, so that the body in the correct position.

Rotary dryer's debugging

1. uninterrupted no load for 8 hours, the bearing temperature should be steady rise, the bearing temperature at the end of the test shall not exceed 50 ℃;

2. gear noise should be uniform, should not be suddenly high and low;

3. after the test observe the bearings should not have serious wear and abrasion and other imagination.

rotary dryer-auxiliary machine for pellet and briquetting equipment

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