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Dry Powder Briquetting Production Line



  Briquetting  production line equipment is raw material is made of complete sets of equipment, the use of the equipment is also very comprehensive, pressure ball machine production line after the installation is complete, from the material feeding, to finished goods, to drying, to the product, operation is fully automatic power distribution ark, is automatic production line equipment, pressure ball machine below starting from the production line of the host - pressure ball machine is introduced: the teda card kuangfen pressure ball machine is main motor: the v belt, to gear reducer, gear reducer coupling, to drive shaft by a pair of open gear again, two roller synchronous (constant speed reverse > which the passive roller hydraulic oil cylinder piston to resist < by oblique iron to resist constant pressure type), material storage bin by quantitative equipment machine evenly into the hopper, through the adjustment damper adjustment on the hopper, evenly into the middle of the roll of material, constant speed reverse operation of the unit to compress roll material molding pressure changes from small to big, in the peak of roll center of moulding pressure, material after the line, the molding pressure decreases rapidly to take off the ball material into the state, take off the ball.

   Taida company's latest development of press ball machine, national patent, domestic initiative.Pressure can be multiplied several times.Its main structure is to change on the basis of the original road feed to three routes.The pressure of the main roll and the side roller compacted the hemispheric compaction, and the pressure doubled as the two hemispheres of the rotary compaction of the main roll were pressed together in the middle.This machine has obvious effect on relatively loose material, such as coke powder, oxidized skin, dust removal ash and sludge, etc.

1、Work flow chart of mineral powder briquetting machine : 


2、Description of dry powder briquetting production line process:

 Jaw crusher: broken ore powder material, compound crusher: further broken material, make it meet the requirements of pressure ball, vibrating screen: to sieve material after broken, make do not conform to the requirements of return the broken, stirrer, the accurate measurement of material in proportion to stir to make all kinds of material of dry wet degree to mediate to achieve the purpose of uniform pressure ball, and the use of the biaxial aims to increase the mixing time, the mixing of materials more uniform, kuangfen pressure ball machine: will the mixing material for extrusion.
  Compress the density of each material, make its molding product strength is high, density is big, dryers: the molding product USES the conveyor to carry into the dryer, carries on the high temperature to dry.The heat source can choose coal (hot blast furnace), gas, oil and so on.The hot air enters the air ducts in the dryer through the high temperature fan, and the hot air in the tube is crisscrossed to achieve the purpose of drying.
  Products stable output can be used directly charging, two warehouse batching machine: two warehouse batching machine depending on the type of raw materials, according to their proportion, electronic measuring ingredients, according to the request of the manufacturer to make production type coal grade production, conveyor: connection between pressure ball machine production line transportation, transportation.

三、Installation diagram of whole set of briquetting equipment production line 


Coal Briquetting Production Line

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