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Standards for Ball Sockets of Desulfurized Gypsum Briquettin

Post Date:01-27


  Gypsum pressure ball machine ball socket what standards need to have. Gypsum pressure ball machine, a variety of slag, steel slag, iron oxide skin, refractory, coal pressed into pellets of different shapes, easy to burn, sintering. As with the purchase of other products, users of FGD pressure ball machine equipment itself is the first concern. In addition, in order to achieve the high efficiency of gypsum pressure ball machine equipment, the ball socket also has certain technical requirements or standards.

Gypsum pressure ball machine ball socket has a certain standard Only in line with these standards to produce qualified ball requirements are as follows:

1. the size of the ball on the two rollers to match, the same size, which is to ensure that molding is a uniform sphere or other shape objects;
2. the ball to be able to align the ball, which requires two-ball ball nest must be the same size, two-roll can be controlled, so that when pressed in each ball dome hemisphere interior can be filled with materials to ensure production efficiency;
3. the installation of double roller ball nest to control, this thing on the installation requirements, as long as the experience is installed by the master, the installation of the correct rate can be guaranteed.
Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine ball nest requirements is the basis of material molding, ball and socket standard principle is also very simple, but not all manufacturers will strictly enforce this standard, so you need to buy when buyers polish Eyes in order to prevent being cheated by unreliable manufacturers. 

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