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Small Feed Pellet Machine

      • 【Production capacity】: 0.3-0.5t/h
      • 【Applicable materials】: corn, bean pulp, straw, grass and rice husk.  
      • 【Power】: 30kw


1.With simple structure, with wide application range, with small area occupation; with less noise; 

2.For powder feed or grass powder, there is no need to add additives or just add a little amount of additives in pelletizing process. Therefore, moisture content of feed pellets is almost same with that before pelletizing process. 

3.For chicken, duck and fish breeding, it will be much easier to get considerable profits by using feed pellets. 

4.By dry material processing, the final feed pellet hold stronger hardness, smoother surface and better quality. This kind of feed pellet machine can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrition. 

5.In the pelleting forming process, this feed pellet machine can denaturize the cereal and beans, which can reduce maldigestion problem and effectively kill other pathogens in feed. Thus, pellet process can reduce various digestion disease. 


Small Feed Pellet Machine

Flat die pellet machine is a kind of new pellet machine developed by our company. It regards maize, bean pulp, straw, grass and rice husk as raw materials. After briquetting and pelletizing, feed pellets are widely applied to animal husbandry industry, livestock farm and feed plants. 

Working Principle

Mold plate and pressure roller adopt superior alloy steel which has been disposed specially. Under the friction function, main shaft and flat die will drive pressure roller rotate. There will be high temperature produced between pressure roller and mold plate, which will age starch. Protein will denaturize and solidify. With the extrusion of pressure roller, pellets are discharged from mold holes. Pellets are sent out by material disc. By adjusting the angle of cutting knife, the length of pellets can be controlled. 


Operation cautions:

1.Before starting up, add about 25-kg gear oil first (adding one time, can continue use for more than 10 years). After finishing adding oil, tighten oil filing hole. 

2.Check electrical wire in order to guarantee safe electricity supply. 

3.Check electrical motor carefully. Check if the bolt of transmission part is tight in order to fasten in time. 

4.Set preheating temperature according to raw materials’ kind. The preheating temperature of maize and wheat should be 80 to 90 degree centigrade. The preheating temperature of peanut husk should be 80 to 100 degrees centigrade. 

5.After starting up, run the machine without load for about 1 minutes. When machine can work normally, start to feed a small amount of materials. When all residual materials are discharge out, feed materials evenly. 

6.Before feeding, check whether there are had impurities. In order to protect pellet machine, guarantee there is no stone and iron ore mixing in raw materials. 

Technical Data

Model Power
Pellet Size
Inner Diameter
Output capacity
Overall dimensions
TDPM125 1.5-2.2 Φ2--Φ12 125 40-100 600*450*900 50
TDPM150 3 Φ2--Φ12 150 75-150 750*450*870 100
TDPM210 7.5 Φ2--Φ12 200 150-300 1150*530*750 150
TDPM260 11-15 Φ2--Φ12 250 400-700 1250*600*850 300
TDPM300 15-18.5 Φ2--Φ12 300 800-1000 1420*750*940 380
TDPM400 22 Φ2--Φ12 400 1000-1500 1500*1600*1800 500
TDPM600 55 Φ2--Φ12 600 2000-2500 2600*1300*2300 2300
Notes: according to customer's special requests,we can provide single-phase electricity or diesel electrical motor. please send email to for more information.  

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