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TJ Series Rod Extruder

    • Input moisture】:  


    • Handling capacity】:  


    • Application range】:  TJ series rod extruder is widely applied to chemical industry, metallurgy and firing ceramic industry. It is ideal equipment to save energy consumption for different enterprises. 


extruding machine

1.Rod-extruder can produce various final shape for customers; final products can also be customized according to customer’s specific requests. 

2.Taida rod-extruder is characterized by stable running, low noise, less abrasion, long service life, low energy consumption and good final quality. 

3.Steel plates are made according to international standard which improves equipment’s service life. With less energy consumption, TF rod extruder is easy to maintain. 

4.Core spare part of rod extruder is reamer. TF rod extruder is energy saving and with wide application range. 

TJ Series Rod Extruder

 Rod extruder is also called rod extruder which applies screw extrusion principle. Coal rod extruder can compress coal powder into coal rods with certain shape and certain strength.
 Taida coal powder rod extruder has become major equipment for ammonia fertilizer and coal gas plants. Rod extruder presses fuel coal powder into certain shape. Extruded coal rods can be used to gas generator furnace to replace traditional gas generation process. By using rod extruder, coal powder can be fully utilized. During the whole process, there is no need to add lime. Use of rod extruder can reduce fuel cost and improve calorific value of coal. TJ rod extruder holds high economic effects. TJ rod extruder has small bulk. During the whole extruding process, there is no need for carbonizing equipment and steam, which can not only save investment, but also reduce occupation area. Meanwhile, TJ rod extruder provides a new way to utilize cheap coal powder effectively. Correspondingly, production cost can be saved and social benefits can be improved. TJ rod extruder offers reliable guarantees for enterprises. 

Working Principle

The machine adopts the hard tooth speed reducer, small volume and high carrying capacity. The interior impeller is designed with thickened blade, and the impeller and tube lining board are made of wear-resistant finished casting material. The life span is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary materials. The coal rod outlet of the nose part is made of replaceable wear-resisting alloy steel, which is convenient to replace. The machine head and the tube shall be in the form of Hank, which can be opened during maintenance. It is convenient to change the inner impeller and liner.

Technical Data

Model TJ140 TJ180 TJ300 TJ450
Output capacity 1-2T/H 2-3T/H 4-6T/H 8-10T/H
Specification 20-40mm 20-60mm 20-80mm 20-80mm
Rotary speed(r/min) 46-60 46-60 132 132
No. of screw blades 4 4 4 4
Power(kw) 11 22 90 220
Reducer ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ650-750 ZQ850
Notes Rotary speed is lowest  level. It can be adjusted  according to different current, load and output. 

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