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TF series Mechanism Rod Extruder

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      widely applied to chemical industry, metallurgy and ceramic firing industry. Rod-extruder can be regarded as ideal equipment.


1.Rod-extruder can produce various final shape for customers; final products can also be customized according to customer’s specific requests. 

2.Taida rod-extruder is characterized by stable running, low noise, less abrasion, long service life, low energy consumption and good final quality. 

3.Steel plates are made according to international standard which improves equipment’s service life. With less energy consumption, TF rod extruder is easy to maintain. 

4.Core spare part of rod extruder is reamer. TF rod extruder is energy saving and with wide application range. 

TF series Mechanism Rod Extruder

TF series rod-extruder is very reliable equipment with advanced technology. It is also important equipment in charcoal production line. Taida attaches much importance to R&D to rod-extruder. Recently, along with improvement and innovation, combined with advantages of domestic extruder and briquetting machine, Taida has made great breakthrough to rod extruding industry. At present, Taida has rolled out a series of rod extruder, such as rear axial rod extruder, after-breaking rod extruder and high-density rod extruder. New type rod extruder adopts oil merging steel alloy structure, propel shaft and briquetting cylinder and other key parts which are made by special anti-abrasion texture. Taida rod extruder is casted delicately and with durability. Thanks to good cooperation between each part, cooperation degree, compact degree and anti-abrasion level can be greatly improved. New type rod extruder has many advantages such as high output capacity, low energy consumption, compact structure and long service life. 

Working Principle

  Rod extruder takes many kinds of biomass as raw materials, such as sawdust, crops, stalk, cereal skin, grass, shrub stems, bamboo and bagasse. After entering wood crusher and dryer, under the function of screw propeller and heating ring, there will be a high-temperature and high-pressure zone which will process loosen raw materials into hollow rods which are characterized by high density, small bulk and good combustibility. TF rod extruder can be used to produce charcoal. In addition, materials produced by rod extruder can be used to replace wood fuel wood and coal. Generally, outer diameter of final products are 50 to 70mm and pore size is always 15 to 20mm. as for shape, final products are always cuboid and hexagonal cylinder.
  Always, motor for TF rod extruder is 1835-kw energy saving type. Thanks to the function of charcoal rod extruder, screw propeller will rotate rapidly. Screws at front are larger than that at rear part. Through propeller, raw materials will be briquetted in forming cylinder which is made of anti-abrasion steel. Its internal shape is core rod which is twined by heating coil. When propeller drive materials into forming cylinder. Raw materials will be under pressure. In addition, with the heating of forming cylinder, wooden elements in raw materials will decompose sticky matters which will extrude raw materials into certain shapes. 

Technical Data

Model Output capacity Specification Rotary speed(转/分) No. of screw blades Motor Reducer Bearing
TF140 1-2t/h ф20-40 46-60 4 11kw ZQ350 7511、211、210、1305
TF180 2-3t/h ф20-60 39-60 4 22kw ZQ400 7511、211、210、1305
TF300 3-5t/h ф20-80 35-60 4 90kw ZQ650-750 32320、320、319、1207

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