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Carbon Powder Briquetting Machine

      • Inlet particle size】: 


      • Handling capacity】: 


      • Application range】:  carbon powder extruder is widely applied to chemical industry, metallurgy and ceramic firing industry. Taida carbon rod extruder is an ideal machine used for enterprises to achieve energy-saving aim. 


1. Rod-extruder can produce various final shape for customers; final products can also be customized according to customer’s specific requests. 

2. Taida rod-extruder is characterized by stable running, low noise, less abrasion, long service life, low energy consumption and good final quality. 

3. Steel plates are made according to international standard which improves equipment’s service life. With less energy consumption, TF rod extruder is easy to maintain. 

4. Core spare part of rod extruder is reamer. TF rod extruder is energy saving and with wide application range. 

Special features of Taida carbon rod extruder 

1.Briquetting/extruding process is behind carbonization process, which will reduce the former 5 processes into two simple processes. 

2.Compared with traditional rod extruder, service life of taida carbon rod extruder is increased by 99 times. 

3.Electricity investment cost is decreased by 60% and output capacity is increased by 2 to 3 times. 

4.Investment cost of carbon rod extruder has decreased by 800RMB for each ton. 

5.After technology innovation, operation has been simplified. 

6.After carbon extruding process, quality of carbon products has been improved. Total carbon content has been increased to 70&% to 75% from 60%. High-quality carbon content has been increased to higher than 93%, which expands carbon market. 

7.Main body of carbon rod extruder is matched with pressure-adding and photoelectric cut-off device, which provides more convenience to customers. 


Carbon Powder Briquetting Machine


  Carbon rod extruder is mainly designed for powder briquetting process. Taida carbon rod extruder is also suitable for small-medium sized nitrogenous fertilizer and coal gas plants to produce coal rods and coal briquettes. With the application of patent technology, carbon rod extruder is equipped with motor, coupler, reducer, bearing box, feeding device, screw impellor and head. These parts will be connected one by one. Coupler adopts hydraulic type. Rod discharging hole is changed to 2 to 4 row from one row. There is framework oil seal and mechanical seal between bearing box and feeding device. ZLY model reducer adopts case hardened surface. 


  Taida carbon rod extruder holds simple structure and adopts standard components. Therefore, taida carbon rod extrude is with stable performance, low noise, small abrasion, high output capacity and low energy consumption. Owing to its cost-efficient performance, Taida carbon rod extruder can be applied to large-scale production. Therefore, Taida carbon rod extruder holds great prospects.
 Taida carbon rod extruder applies screw extrusion principle. After mixing with humic acid binder, pulverized coal powder can be briquetted into various certain shape. Carbon rod extruder has been already applied to small-sized nitrogen fertilizer enterprises. Owing to its low output capacity and bad working efficiency, traditional carbon extruder has been weeded out gradually. With price increase of coal, many nitrogen fertilizer companies refers to coal briquetting machine again. In order to meet large production demands, Taida adopted special advanced technology to improve disadvantages of common extruding machine. 

Working Principle

  Rotary impellers will carry crude coal from feeding port and gradually drive coal forward. Crude coal will be compressed slowly and coal particles will draw closely tightly. Meanwhile, there will be severe string and mixing produced. At this moment, there will be strong friction and shear produced between coal particles and extruding drum. Under the heat function, temperature of crude coal will increase gradually. Water and binder will become more even and crude coal’s plasticity will also improve. Then, with the function of molds, crude coal will be compressed more tightly. Then, coal will be forced to flat area of mold, final products will be discharged out and briquetting/extruding process is finished.
  By adopting hard-surface reducer, Taida carbon rod extruder holds small bulk and high bearing ability. Internal structure of rod extruder adopts thickened blades. Impeller and internal lining plate adopts abrasion-resistant casting materials. Its service life is 4 to 5 times longer than common texture. Rod discharging outlet is made of abrasion-resistant steel alloy texture. More easy to replace. It adopts twisted joint mode. Operator can open it for maintenance and repairmen. It is even more convenient to replace internal impeller and drum lining. 

Technical Data

Model TJ140 TJ180 TJ300 TJ450
Output capacity 1-2T/H 2-3T/H 4-6T/H 8-10T/H
Specification 20-40mm 20-60mm 20-80mm 20-80mm
Rotary speed(r/min) 46-60 46-60 132 132
No. of screw blades 4 4 4 4
Power(kw) 11 22 90 220
Reducer ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ650-750 ZQ850
Notes Rotary speed of main shaft is minimum revolution. It can be adjusted according to electricity current, load and output capacity. 

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