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TDPM Biomass Pellet Machine

    • 【Power】:  30 kw
    • 【Production capacity】: 03-0.5t/h
    • 【Applicable materials】:  corn stalk, cotton stalk, crop straw, wood shavings, sawdust and wastes from furniture factory. 


1. Main part of TDPM biomass pellet machine has been specially dealt with. Therefore, characterized by durability, it can be used to carry out continuous production.
2. TDPM biomass pellet machine is widely applied to pellet various biomass materials. TDPM pellet machine can effectively overcome difficulties of crude fiber from traditional pellet machine.
3. Main body of TDPM pellet machine adopts effective transmission belt and ring die uses quick-release type anchor ear model. Feeder adopts frequency conversion to regulate feeding speed, which can guarantee uniform feeding effect. Face plate uses forced feeder. With advanced technology and superior dies, TDPM biomass 3. pellet machine holds longer lifespan and final products hold better quality.

4. Main transmission part adopts high-precision gear transmission and ring die adopts anchor ear model. Comparatively, TDPM output capacity is 20% higher than belt transmission.
5. TDPM transmission part adopts good quality transmission devices which can guarantee efficient and stable transmission process.
6. Enhanced carbon steel feeder adopts frequency inverter in order to guarantee good quality of final pellets.
7. TDPM pellet machine uses stainless steel die, which enables long service life and good final quality.
8. TDPM pellet machine adopts high-powered permanent magnet suction device.
Main application
Civil heating and household energy consumption: high fuel utilization efficiency; easy to store.
Biomass industrial boiler: use as main fuel of industrial boiler; can be used to replace coal and solve environmental pollution.
Power generation: biomass pellets can be used for raw material of electricity generation. 

TDPM Biomass Pellet Machine

  Biomass pellet machine can process and solidify wastes into high density pellet fuels such as wood shavings, straw, rice husk, tree bark and other biomass materials. Biomass fuels are very ideal fuels which can replace coal and oil. Pellet machine can not only save energy, but also reduce emission. TDPM pellet machine can meet both social and economic effect at the same time. Biomass pellets are efficient and clean renewable energy. Biomass pellet machine can be divided into two types, flat die biomass pellet machine and ring die pellet machine. 
  Majority people center more on biomass fuel. Pellet machine utilize wood shavings, straw, wood powder, rice husk and sawdust to produce renewable biomass pellet energy. At present, biomass holds bright market prospect. Therefore, biomass pellet belongs to recycle and utilization of renewable resources. In some places, biomass pellet project can get government’s subsidy. TDPM pellet machine can effectively solve problems existing in biomass pelleting machine, such as difficult pelleting and bad effect. TDPM pellet machine adopts high precision gear drive. TDPM pellet machine adopts advanced manufacturing process which can provide you various customized superior mold. TDPM pellet machine holds long service life and superior quality. Our company provide free installation guidance and commissioning service.

Picture of biomass pellets 


Application of biomass pellets

Biomass pellets produced by TDPM pellet machine can be sold widely at home and abroad. With wide application range, TDPM pellet machine can reduce the combustion of coal. 生物质颗粒机应用领域

Working Principle

Belt and belt pulley are driven by motor. Energy motion will be transferred to driving shaft which will work synchronously and oppositely through split gear. Materials will be added through feeding hopper. After being briquetted and pelletizing, final pellet products will be produced. Through a set of chain, final products will be sent to crushing&screening chamber for mixing with new raw materials. With continuous rotation of motor, raw materials will enter constantly in order to realize batch production. 

Technical Data

Model Power
Particle Size
Inner diameter (MM) Output capacity
Overall dimensions
TDPM125 1.5-2.2 Φ2--Φ12 125 40-100 600*450*900 50
TDPM150 3 Φ2--Φ12 150 75-150 750*450*870 100
TDPM210 7.5 Φ2--Φ12 200 150-300 1150*530*750 150
TDPM260 11-15 Φ2--Φ12 250 400-700 1250*600*850 300
TDPM300 15-18.5 Φ2--Φ12 300 800-1000 1420*750*940 380
TDPM400 22 Φ2--Φ12 400 1000-1500 1500*1600*1800 500
TDPM600 55 Φ2--Φ12 600 2000-2500 2600*1300*2300 2300
Notes: according to customer's special requests,we can provide single-phase electricity or diesel electrical motor. please send email to for more information.  

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