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Double-roll Extrusion Pellet Machine

    • 【 Input size】: 1-4mm
    • 【Production capacity】: 0.7-1.8t
    • 【Applicable material】: Ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate. 


1. Before pelleting process, there is no need of drying process. The whole pelletizing process is carried out under normal temperature condition. It is characterized by less investment, good effect and high economic profit.
2. TDDR double-roll extrusion pellet machine integrates pelletizing, briquetting and screening process into a whole. Products produced by this machine hold beautiful appearance. It is characterized by simple operation and less energy consumption. Main parts are made from special metal featuring in anti-corrosion, anti-weary and anti-impulsion. In addition, our company did some upgrading for the machine bracket. Bearing frame body adopts superior anti-corrosion parts, which makes TDDR double-roll pellet machine holds better stability and greatly improves services life of auxiliary parts. Transmission part adopts double-input transfer mode which cannot only improve input power ratio, but also guarantee the lubrication and seal performance of transmission gear. This machine is characterized by compact structure, good stability, good seal performance, low noise and simple maintenance. Upon entering market, TDDR extrusion pellet machine gained much good reputation. 
3. TDDR double-roll extrusion pellet machine has wide application range. It can be used for fertilizer, feed and chemical industry, especially for rare earth, metallurgy, coal, biological agents and environmental protection project. To some extent, TDDR double-roll pellet machine fill domestic technology gap. This machine ranks top among pellet industry. It is greatly promoted by national environmental protection project. 


Double-roll Extrusion Pellet Machine

Double-roll extrusion pellet machine is the most widely used pellet machine used for organic fertilizer. Double-roll extrusion pellet machine is characterized by reasonable design, low energy consumption and continuous production. We can design different mold according to customer’s specific requirements. At present, there are many kinds of final shape we can produce, ball shape, pillow shape, semicircle shape, rod shape, pill shape, walnut shape, flat ball shape and strip shape. Double-roll extrusion pellet machine is a new energy-saving equipment widely applied to compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. 

Working Principle

Belt and belt pulley are driven by electrical motor. Then, power are transferred to main shaft through reducer. Through the synchronization of split gear and driven shaft, double-roll extrusion pellet machine can work normally. Raw materials will enter the machine through feeding hopper. After extruding and briquetting, start demoulding and pelletizing. Through a set of chain, raw materials will be sent to crushing screen working chamber, final products will be screened and separated and go back to mixing with new materials for further pelletizing process. With the rotation of motor and entrance of raw material, batch production aim can be fulfilled. 

Technical Data

This series pellet machine can be designed with different mold shapes according to customer’s requirements. There is a wide range for customer’s choice, ball shape, pillow shape, semicircle shape, rod shape, pill shape, walnut shape, flat ball shape and strip shape. At present, flat ball shape are widely adopted. 

Model Power Pellet size Roller skin size  Overall dimensions
TDDR-1T Pellet size≤4.5mm:11kw;Pellet size>4.5mm:15kw 3-10mm Ø150*220mm 1450*800*1450mm
TDDR-1.5T Pellet size≤4.5mm:18.5kw;Pellet size>4.5mm:22kw 3-10mm Ø150*300mm 1450*850*1500mm
TDDR-2T Pellet size≤4.5mm:22kw;Pellet size>4.5mm:30kw 3-10mm Ø185*300mm 1630*850*1650mm
TDDR-3T Pellet size≤4.5mm:37kw;Pellet size>4.5mm:45kw 3-10mm Ø300*300mm 1850*1100*2050mm

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