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TDPM Flat Die Pellet Machine

    • 【Output capacity】: 1-3t/h
    • 【Applicable materials】: flat die pellet machine is always applied for pelletizing coarse fibers such as wood chips, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull, fireweed and other various straw, domestic wastes and plastics.
    • 【Application range】: mainly used for pellet processing in organic fertilizer and breeding industry.


TDPM Flat Die Pellet Machine

Zhengzhou Taida multi-functional flat die pellet machine can be used to produce pellet feeds, organic fertilizer and cylindrical pellets. This kind of pellet machine can also be connected with polishing machine which can make cylindrical pellets into ideal final products one time. In addition, in the pellet process of TDPM pellet machine, there is no pellet particle returning, high ball yield, high strength and good appearance. It is regarded as a kind of ideal equipment for organic fertilizer and pellet feeds production. Flat die pellet machine is used to process various organic fertilizer after fermentation. Different from traditional pellet machines, there is no need for drying and crushing. After dosing, our flat die pellet machine can produce cylindrical pellets directly, which save much energy.
Unique features of TDPM pellet machine

1. This flat die pellet machine adopts slant wheel. The two ends and internal and outer die hold same liner speed. There will be no extra abrasion between wheel and die, which can reduce resistance and energy consumption.

2. Pressure rollers are distributed evenly; smooth running; there is one suppression zone added, which improves production efficiency.

3. It adopts screw center to regulate pressure. Gaps between dies can be adjusted according to real situation in order to adapt to various materials and pelleting effects.

4. There are different die diameters of this pellet machine, from 1.5 to 20 mm, which can achieve perfect pelleting effect for various raw materials.

5. The final products present cylindrical pellets.

Output capacity for organic fertilizer can reach to 100%.

6. Because organic particles can mix with each other and grow, there is no need to add binder in pelleting process.

7. The final pellets holds high strength. After finishing pelleting process, user can carry out screening process, which will reduce energy consumption.

8. No need of drying process for materials after being fermented; the moisture of raw materials can be controlled from 20% to 40%. 

Working Principle

1. Startup pellet machine after adding hypoid gear oil.

2. Install the pellet machine stably and regulate belt and rotation direction; check if the bolt are loosen; loosen gap clearance on bearing seat. Make the pellet machine in no-load state and carry out normal operation.

3. At primary use, add plant oil or used machine oil and mix the oil evenly; regulate the screw clearance in order to keep same rotation speed for two pressure rollers. Add oily materials gradually; extruded materials will be squeezed repeatedly. After die holes are lubricated, add mixed materials slowly and start processing. If the resistance force is high and output capacity is low, operators can grind die plates according to methods mentioned above, start processing after the die holes are smooth.

4. If there are too much elaborate fiber in pellet process, add about 5% water. If there are too much elaborate fibers contained in mixed materials, operators can reduce water added. Water added will be evaporated during extruding and pelleting process.

5. After finishing pelleting, loose coordination gap screw. Let roller wheel in free state; after stopping the machine, clean up materials left in machine, especially materials left in projecting disc in order to prevent damage of bearing. 

Technical Data

Model Power
Pellet Size
Inner Diameter
Output capacity
Overall dimensions
TDPM125 1.5-2.2 Φ2--Φ12 125 40-100 600*450*900 50
TDPM150 3 Φ2--Φ12 150 75-150 750*450*870 100
TDPM210 7.5 Φ2--Φ12 200 150-300 1150*530*750 150
TDPM260 11-15 Φ2--Φ12 250 400-700 1250*600*850 300
TDPM300 15-18.5 Φ2--Φ12 300 800-1000 1420*750*940 380
TDPM400 22 Φ2--Φ12 400 1000-1500 1500*1600*1800 500
TDPM600 55 Φ2--Φ12 600 2000-2500 2600*1300*2300 2300
Notes: According to customer's special requests,we can provide single-phase electricity or diesel electrical motor. please send email to for more information.  

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