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Biomass Pellet Productioin Line



Generally, biomass pellets production line is: raw material----crushing---drying---conveying---briquetting/pelleting---cooling----packaging---storing.
According to normal production process, basic equipment configuration of biomass pellet production line is: crusher, dryer, conveyor, briquetting/pelleting machine, cooler and packing machine. 

  Detailed introduction to whole biomass production line 



  1. Chipping process: chipper will be chosen according to output capacity and diameter of logs. Generally speaking, chipping machine is divided into two types, drum chipper and disc wood chipping machine.

In this process, chipping machine will process woods (diameter is 50cm) to small wood chips (diameter is within 5mm) in order to reduce drying difficulties and improve crushing efficiency.

  1. Drying process: we will calculate evaporation quantity according to input moisture and output moisture. Based on evaporation, choose drum diameter and hot air model.

Common applied dryers are triple-pass dryer, single-pass dryer and air-flow dryer. Heat source: oil fired hot air furnace, gas fired hot air furnace, coal fired hot air furnace and pellets fired hot air furnace.

  1. Crushing process: used to crush dried wood chips. As for discharging and dust removal system, we adopt combination of negative and positive pressure, which can effectively reduce dust and abrasion to fan. At present, it is most advanced discharging mode at home.
  2. Pelleting process: process wood shavings into 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm pellets. Pelleting process is core part of the whole biomass production line.

Before pelleting, sort iron blocks and stones out from raw materials. Taida adopts most advanced vertical ring die pellet machine which is characterized by low energy consumption, less abrasion, high working pressure and wide application. Taida pellet machine can be used for almost any kind of wood materials. It is the least sensitive pellet machine.

  1. Cooling process: temperature of discharged pellets is 70 to 90 degrees. Therefore, pellets cannot be packed immediately. Cooling machine will make the temperature drop to indoor temperature and start packing.

In this process, we adopt counter flow air cooling method which is characterized by good dust removal effect and short cooling time.

  1. Sieving process: during the cooling and conveying process, there will be little amount of powder produced owing to collision of pellets. Therefore, sieving machine is needed to separate finished products.

This stage mainly adopts vibrating screen in order to reach to packing demands.

  1. Packing process: briquetted finished pellets should be packed first before selling to customers. Common bags or jumbo bags are always adopted.

During this stage, materials can be packed according to customer’s specific requests. We adopt automatic packing machine which is characterized by high production efficiency and less labor force. Packing cost is greatly reduced.
Faced with various materials, equipment configuration should be adjusted according to different situations.

  1. According to processing demands, wood materials should be matched with crusher. Customer can choose hammer mill and cutter pulverizer. As for sawdust and wood shavings, no need to match with crusher.
  2. Straw materials should match with hammer mill.

Meanwhile, we always recommend proper machine based on customer’s output capacity. Main difference mainly lies in configuration of main machine.

  1. Calculate according to 8 working hours, daily 100-ton output production line needs to match one 560 model biomass pellet machine.
  2. Calculate according to 8 working hours, daily 100-ton output production line should be matched according to customer’s demands. Main large silo can be distributed to multiple sets of biomass pellet machine. Main difference mainly lies on pellet machine. For example, output of 560 model biomass pellet machine is about 1.5 tons per hour. Output of 580model is about 2 tons per hour. Therefore, daily 100T output should match with 8 sets of 560 model or 6 sets of 580model. 

  Price of standard configuration of biomass pellets production is about 350000 to 3000000RMB. Specific equipment configuration should be decided according to real situation.

  1. For example, you want a 10t/d output production line. Besides auxiliary equipment, a 560-model biomass pellet can meet customer’s production demand. Preliminary quotation for the whole production line is about 400000RMB. Of course, if you adopt manual work for some parts, the cost will be much lower.
  2. If you want a 100t/d output production line, besides auxiliary equipment, as I said above, equipment should be customized according to customer’s demand, preliminary quotation for the whole production line is about 100000 to 3000000 RMB.
Pre-sale service: we can provide you project design and work flow chart. We will assist you to formulate proper equipment purchasing plan. According to your real demand, we will design suitable machine and help you train operators.
In-sale service: Taida will accompany with you to finish check and acceptance of equipment. We also assist you to draw up detailed construction plan and process.
After-sale service: Taida will arrange professional technical staff to customer’s working site for installation and debugging guidance.
Warranty: one-year warranty for equipment except spare parts. 

Pellet Production Line Process

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