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Pellet Production Line Process



  With the improvement of people's life quality, more and more attention to health problems, but for a large number of straw burning, furniture factory some reasonable use of the waste wood, environmental pollution, resource waste, some factories discharge gas also affects the life of people, these countries have banned or relevant documents.According to the situation of our country gradually attaches great importance to the development and utilization of biomass energy, since the 1980 s, the Chinese government has always been the research and application of biomass energy utilization technology as key scientific research projects, biomass was conducted by using new technology research and development of biomass energy technology have further improved.But China biomass energy utilization of biogas engineering technology research mainly concentrated in large and medium-sized livestock and poultry field, the technology of straw gasification and gas centralized supply and landfill projects such as power generation technology for biomass pellet fuel production and processing of products and of direct combustion research has just started.It means that the development space of biomass energy is especially broad, which is closely followed by The Times. We also follow the situation to develop a very complete production line of biomass granule.

Production line process: 

A complete production line comes down with the following processes. Take the wood chip granulator as an example:

Fragmentation stage - drying stage - granulation stage - cooling stage - packaging phase (the machines with different requirements are also different)




Product introduction:

1. Crushing section: the main machine is drum chip machine.

Working principle: drum machine is the special equipment for producing wood chips, machine organism, knife roller, feeding roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system and other parts.The cutter roller is equipped with two or four and six flying knives. According to the different thickness and diameter of the cut raw material, the feeding roller assembly can be fluctuated in a certain range with the help of hydraulic system.The body is welded with high strength steel plate, which is the support base of the whole machine, which is free of foundation and convenient and flexible.





1. The materials are evenly distributed. When the drum machine is working, the material can be fully and effectively broken in the crushing chamber. The output is high, the energy consumption is low, the efficiency is high, and the material is finely divided.

2. Simple operation.When working with drum machine, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy to use.

3, low failure rate. Reverse feeding device, the belt conveyor can be positive &negative, encounter big wooden can be not stuffy car exit, avoid big, hard material impact blade, machines will not operate properly.

4. Smooth operation.Feed can simulate frequency conversion, control speed, machine run smoothly, and install hydraulic cushion system, can ensure smooth operation.



Fine powder section: mainly for multi-function mill.

Material requirement before processing: thickness is not greater than 1CM.

Material range after processing: diameter not greater than 3MM.

Working principle: the material from the hammer type crusher feed into the mouth, with high-speed hammer of intense collision occurs after being hit into acceleration area, the particle velocity can be improve in a very short period of time to close to the end of the hammer of linear velocity, and with the hammer do circular motion, and gradually formed the drive area material circulation layer material has also been further crush at the same time, by breaking the materials, by the outlet of the equipment

Advantages: more crushing methods.High efficiency grinder has single shaft, double shaft and two series, high efficiency mill production, high efficiency, reasonable design structure, easy maintenance.

3. Durable.To further prolong the life of set hammer, hammer slice all the edges of parts for containing tungsten carbide alloy, jof hard materials such as welding layer 1 to 3 mm thick. The service life than 65 mn increases the service life of quenching hammer the whole 7-8 times

4. High pollution-free efficiency.Multi-function mill USES the internal cooling structure, can avoid high temperature because of the friction of mechanical damage, increase the service life of equipment, equipment at the same time equipped with suction device, no powder pollution, overall equipment with low temperature, low noise, high efficiency, etc


Drying stage: mainly for roller drying machine.

According to the incoming material, the water is divided and discharged, and the amount of evaporation is calculated, and the diameter of the drum is selected. The main water in this section is 20% to 60%, and the wood drying is 10-18%, and then the next step is made.



Granulation stage: it is mainly for vertical ring mould granulator.

The diameter range of the production particles is 6-12cm, which is the core part of the whole production line.Before the granulation, we need to pick out the iron blocks, and of course the demand is different.



1. High efficiency, high pressure, for difficult materials.
2. Reduce wear, and die wheel die long.
3. Automatic lubricating system, protecting the machine every second.
4. Hydraulic system reduces your machine maintenance time.




Cooling stage: mainly for counter-current cooling machine.

The granule is produced by granulator, and the temperature is about 60 degrees. It needs to be cooled to room temperature and then packaged.



Packing stage: suppress good particles is need to packing after sales to customers, our company adopts fully automatic packaging machine according to the demand, the packing quantity is big, artificial few, greatly reduce the packaging cost, normally use bags or ton bag

The whole grain machine production line can be determined according to its own needs, and the output and size of these machine models can be determined according to customers' needs.

Biomass Pellet Productioin Line

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