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Biomass Pellets Burner

    Fuel consumption】:15-900Kg
    Heating capacity】:200000 to 3000000 kcal 
    Applicable materials】:wood shavings, wood powder, sawdust and other organic materials. 


Obvious environment protection effect: biomass burner takes renewable resources as fuel to achieve sustainable utilization of energy. It adopts multi-stage combustion technology. Content of NOX, SO2 and dust in flue gas is very low. Biomass burner is the best substitute for oil burner, and electricity heater. 

No coke, waste water and other wastes emission: Taida biomass burner adopts pyrolysis technology where tar will be directly combusted in gas form. It will solve the problem high tar problem and avoids secondary pollution to water caused by washing tar. 

High heating temperature: adopting secondary air distribution mode; furnace pressure ranges from 500 to 700 mm water column in order to guarantee normal jet area. Continuously supplying materials and continuous production; stable flame; temperature at high-temperature stage can reach 1300 degrees. Biomass burner is widely applied to industry. 

Wide application: Taida biomass burner is widely applied to coating, electroplate factory, boiler, small-medium sized power plant boiler, industrial kiln furnace, incinerator, smelting furnace, die-casting machine, drying equipment, kitchen equipment, pressing equipment, road construction machine, annealing furnace, large-sized boiler, asphalt heating equipment and etc. 

Low cost and low running cost: with reasonable structure, its reconstruction cost is low when applied to various equipment. During running process, its heating cost can be reduced by more than 60%. Compared with gas boiler, its heating cost can is 40% lower. Biomass burner is best replaceable choice for electricity furnace, oil furnace, gas furnace for environmental protection reformation. 

Simple operation and easy maintenance: Taida biomass burner adopts frequency variable automatic feeder and removes dust by air. With simple operation and less working load, Taida biomass burner only needs one person per shift. Biomass burner is best choice for wide range of boiler enterprises. 

Wide fuel source: Taida biomass burner takes wooden chips and wood pits as fuel source. With high thermal value, Taida biomass burner can prevents coking phenomenon easily. 

Biomass Pellets Burner

Compared with traditional burner, combustion cost of biomass can be greatly reduced: its combustion cost is 75% less than electricity; 60% less than oil; 50% less than natural gas; 40% less than LPG. Biomass burner brings about almost no pollution. Internal part of biomass burner adopts Zirconium silicon crystal. After high-pressure pouring, internal tyre is fired by high temperature. The firing process should continue for three days under 1000 degrees. Biomass burner is a kind of high temperature pyrolysis burner. Generally, biomass burner is always divided into two types, air cooling biomass burner and water cooling biomass burner. 

Working Principle

  At present, majority of steam boiler regards coal, oil or natural gas as main fuel. Steam boiler always adopts fossil energy as fuel, which not only needs high cost, but also causes serious pollution to environment. In order to solve environmental protection problem and reduce boiler running cost, many manufacturers refer to biomass burner.
  Through automatic feeding device, biomass pellets will enter high-temperature pyrolysis semi-gasification chamber. Gasification agent enter the furnace through lower part of the furnace. In pyrolysis chamber, hot combustible gas will be produced through high-temperature paralyzing process. During the process, there will be wet-hot mixture and other combustible components produced. Through gas injection nozzle, combustible gas will enter combustion chamber for perfect combustion and hot air produced can be utmost utilized.


Technical Data

Model Power of feeding motor
Fan powder
Fuel consumption
Calorific value
SL-50 1.1 3.03 120 0.8 500,000
SL-100 1.1 3.0 260 1.1 1,000,000
SL-150 1.1 4.0 350 1.2 1,500,000
SL-180 1.1 4.0 400 1.5 1,800,000
SL-200 2.2 5.5 520 2.0 2,000,000

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