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Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine

    • 【Applicable materials】: straw, woods
    • 【Particle size】: 6-10mm
    • 【Introduction】: large straw pellet machine takes crop straw or sawdust as raw material. After briquetting and pelletizing, raw materials are made into cylindrical pellets with 6 to 40 mm. according to different customer’s aim, final pellets can be used as both fuel pellet and feed pellet. 


1. Fuels produced by ring die pellet machine holds large density and high thermal value;

2. Ring die pellet machine holds various molds. By changing molds, the specification of pellet can be adjusted flexibly. Ring die pellet machine is characterized by simple operation.

3. Ring die pellet machine holds large output capacity. Therefore, it can meet mass production of large enterprises.

4. By making use of friction between pressure roller and mold, raw materials can be made into certain shapes. Therefore, there is no need to add additives or binder.

5. Ring die pellet machine needs to drying process. Utilize transmission of speed differential mechanism and universal joint, match with electrical motor or diesel burner, ring die pellet machine holds low energy consumption, high output capacity, simple operation and low noise.

6. It can adapt to various raw materials and guarantee ideal pelletizing effect. It costs large pressure to pellet wood sawdust and corn stalk. Compared with similar equipment, roller parts are central parts of the whole equipment. roller parts adopt superior alloy steel, which will improve the service life of rollers

7. Ring die pellet machine holds simple structure, wide application range, small occupation area and low noise.

8. Ring die pellet machine can carry out pelletizing process even if the moisture of raw material is from 15% to 20%. After cooling process, final products can be packed and transported.

9. Final products produced by ring die pellet machine holds high hardness, smooth surface and fully degree of internal maturation, which will not only improve nutrition digestion and sterilize bacterium and parasite. Feed produced by ring die pellet machine are suitable for breeding fish, rabbit, duck and other experimental animals. Compared with mixed feed, pellet feed holds higher economic profits.

10. There are different die diameter for ring die pellet machine, ranging from 2mm to 6mm. it can be used for pelleting different raw materials. It can reach to ideal and perfect pelleting effect. 

Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine

Ring die pellet machine is also called ring die feed pellet machine. It belongs to a kind of feed pelletizing equipment which directly briquette and pelletize corn, bean pulp, straw, grass and rice husk into feed. Ring die pellet machine is a main kind of feed production machine. The performance of ring die pellet machine directly decides output capacity of feed. Therefore, ring die pellet machine plays an important role in feed production. 

Working Principle

  Ring die pellet machine is driven by direct-connected electrical motor. Through gear coupler and shaft connection of reducer, after 90-degree turning, motor drive vertical castings hollow transporter spindle. Main shaft will drive pressure roller to press surface of pellet die. Then, pellet process will be finished.
  During pelleting process, biomass raw material will enter vertically through feed inlet. Rotation of pressure wheel will make raw materials evenly distributed evenly at internal cavity surface (the surface where pressure roller contacts with pellet die). Under the pressure of pressure roller, powder materials will pass through die’s holes (uniformly distributed on the surface of die). Under the function of high pressure and high temperature, there will be physical or chemical change appearing for raw materials in order to get cylindrical solids which will be cut by knife. Final pellets will be discharged out from outlet. Till now, the pelleting briquetting process are finished. 

Technical Data

Model Power Pellet Size Inner    Output Capacity
Overall dimensions   Weight 
TDHM470 45kw Φ4--Φ12 470 0.7-1 1500*1600*1800 2.3
TDHM560 90KW Φ4--Φ12 560 1.2-1.5 2600*1300*2300 5.8
TDHM760 160KW Φ4--Φ12 760 1.5-2.5 2900*1300*2400 6.5
TDHM850 220KW Φ4--Φ12 860 2.5-3.5 3750*1650*3250 12.6

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