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TDKL Biomass Pellet Machine

    • 【Power】: 55-160kw
    • 【Production capacity】: 0.7-3.5t/h
    • 【Introduction】: large biomass pellet machine regards agricultural crops, straw and sawdust as raw materials. After pelleting, raw materials are briquetted into cylindrical particles. According to customer’s different usage, finished pellets can be used as both fuel and feed. 


With comprehensive governance to fuel energy and environment, biomass furnace has been widely applied to large and middle sized villa or resident housing. In the near future, this kind of energy-saving and green machine will be widely seen in different places.

  1. Biomass fuel comes from corn stalk, wheat straw, peanut husk, cotton stalk, grain husk, grass, tree branch, sawdust and other solid wastes. After crushing, forcing and briquetting, biomass raw materials will be made into solid pellets, which will make the combustibility of biomass improve greatly. After pelleting, conveying and transportation will be much easier.
  2. Technological process: collecting raw materials---crushing---drying---pelletizing---packaging. According to different harvest period, users should collect raw materials in time. After crushing and briquetting, don’t pack instantly. Owing to thermal expansion, after cooling for about 40-minutes, start packing and transport.
  3. Combustion feature of straw: after briquetting and pelletizing, fuels pellets hold higher specific gravity and smaller volume, which will provide much convenience for transportation and storage. After briquetting and pelletizing, raw materials’ volume will be one thirtieth or one fortieth of original volume. The specific gravity is 10 to 50 times of its original raw materials. Thermal value of biomass pellets can reach to 3400 to 6000 kcal. It is a kind of solid fuels with high volatile matter.
  4. The application of straw fuel: after briquetting process, pellets fuels becomes a kind of new type energy which can replace firewood, crude coal, fuel oil and LPG. It can be widely applied to provide heat for domestic heating, furnace, industrial boiler and power generation. 

TDKL Biomass Pellet Machine

  Biomass refers to wood shaving, straw, rice husk, waste plastics and city scum. After selecting, crushing, grinding and briquetting, derived fuels are produced. This kind of biomass pellets fuel will cause no damage to grain land and human residence. This kind of fuel can greatly apply waste into new field. After being made into pellet fuel, biomass pellets can replace oil, coal and other traditional fuels. It can be widely applied to scum power plant and various industrial boilers. This kind of machine can utilize almost 50 kinds of wastes to produce biomass pellets fuels with different specifications. After being processed by pellet machine, biomass pellets hold high density, high thermal value, better combustibility, low investment cost, easy transportation, and easy storage and clean working condition. Biomass pellets can replace traditional fuels such as coal, firewood, natural gas and LPG to provide energy for furnace, boiler, dryer and other heating equipment. Biomass pellets is a kind of up-to-date environmental fuel.


Working Principle

Belt and belt pulley are driven by motor. Energy motion will be transferred to driving shaft which will work synchronously and oppositely through split gear. Materials will be added through feeding hopper. After being briquetted and pelletizing, final pellet products will be produced. Through a set of chain, final products will be sent to crushing&screening chamber for mixing with new raw materials. With continuous rotation of motor, raw materials will enter constantly in order to realize batch production. 

Technical Data

Model Power
Pellet size (MM) Inner diameter (MM) Output capacity
Overall dimensions (mm) Weight (T)
TDKL470 55kw Φ4--Φ12 470 0.7-1 1500*1600*1800 2.3
TDKL600 90KW Φ4--Φ12 600 1.2-1.5 2600*1300*2300 5.8
TDKL700 110KW Φ4--Φ12 700 1.5-2.5 2900*1300*2400 6.5
TDKL800 160KW Φ4--Φ12 850 2.5-3.5 3750*1650*3250 12.6

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