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Coal Powder Burner

    Fuel consumption】:15-900Kg
    Heating capacity】:200000 to 3000000 kcal 
    Applicable materials】:coal, coal powder, pulverized coal 


1.Coal powder will stay in high-temperature zone of coal powder burner for long time. Therefore, combustion efficiency will be higher and there will be no dark smoke discharged from flue duct. Smoke out is vapourish white smoke. 

2.During heating process, temperature incensement time will be shortened. Thermal efficiency will be high. Taida coal powder burner has wide application range and holds economic benefits. 

3.It is easy to ignite for coal powder burner. Temperature increasing is very quick. Therefore, working efficiency will be greatly improved. 

4.Air volume and coal input quantity can be changed according to practical need. Furnace temperature and flame length can be adjusted in a wide range in order to meet customer’s needs. 

5.Temperature zone in the coal powder burner is even and heating area of heated things are large. Coal slags will not stick to surface of spare parts and final products are with good quality. 


Coal Powder Burner

 Coal powder burner can be applied to various annealing furnace, metal heating furnace, glowing furnace, precision casting furnace and other heating kiln. Meanwhile, Zhengzhou Taida holds strong technical ability for furnace kiln transformation. Besides installing coal powder burner, we can also provide design, remoulding and construction of various kiln. MP coal powder burner holds special design and multi-level air-supply guiding structure. Taida coal powder burner can produce whirlpool in short time. Taida coal powder burner is characterized by full combustion, high thermal efficiency, less dust emission, high efficiency and good working environment. It can also reduce labor force. Taida coal powder burner is an ideal equipment which enjoys great popularity among customers from different regions. 

Technical parameters of Taida coal powder burner 

1.Energy-saving efficiency of Taida coal powder burner is 15% to 30%; 

2.As long as guarantee coal powder’s full combustion, dust emission can meet national standard. 

3.Fixed carbon content of coal powder is about 0.1%. 


Working Principle

  With special designed multi-level air volume supply nozzle, coal powder burner can produce high-temperature whirlpool in short time. Owing to its unique advantages, it is awarded as energy-saving machine by national department and enjoys great popularities among different regions. Coal powder’s efficient combustion technology is contradict to low-NOX combustion technology. If you want to reduce the amount of NOX, key point is to coordinate temperature of combustion zone and coal powder combustion efficiency. Better coordination of these two elements can achieve best combustion effect. Actually, operators should carry out control to the whole process of coal powder combustion in order to guarantee the stability of combustion. Meanwhile, It can ensure full combustion.

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