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Coal-fired Hot Air Furnace

    Fuel consumption】:15-1000Kg
    Heating ability】:200000 to 5000000 kcal 
    Applicable materials】:coal, coal powder, coal blocks, anthracite and smoky coal. 


1.Taida hot air furnace adopts cyclotron heat exchange mode. Heating exchange efficiency is high. With thermal energy recycling device, its thermal efficiency is very high. 

2.By adopting tube to supply fresh air, these part of fresh air will be sent to indoor after being heated. Temperature spreads even in the hot air furnace. No using of water, there is no water incrustation and ice problem. No need to install extra heat radiator and secondary heat exchanging. At the five surfaces of hot air furnace, there are 50-mm thickness superior glass wool insulation layer, which can greatly reduce thermal loss. Whole thermal utilization can reach more than 90%. 

3.Taida coal-fired hot air furnace adopts advanced negative oxygen combustion technology. Therefore, it can burn almost any kind of coal. No matter what kind of coal customer adopts, it can guarantee stable combustion and complete avoid a series of disadvantages such as uneven furnace temperature, incomplete combustion, smoke emission and burning loss. Energy-saving starts from combustion. 

4.Heat exchanging part in internal heat exchanging-refractory tube adopts our patent anti-corrosion technique. It can be used in 1450-high degree for a long time. With superior texture, service life of Taida hot air furnace can be improved by 3 to 5 years. Whole usage life can reach to more than 8 years. 

5.The whole set of system can save investment cost. Taida coal fired hot air furnace is characterized by simple operation, reliable performance and less malfunction. Because it can provide enough heat, it has become very reliable heating equipment for office, workshop, vegetable greenhouse, husbandry industries. 

6.Save coal consumption: compared with common hot water boiler or steam boiler, its coal consumption can be decreased by 50%. 


Coal-fired Hot Air Furnace

  TDRF series simple metal indirect heating hot air furnace is designed by china agricultural engineering research institution. After five times’ upgrading, it has reached to domestic advanced level and it is awarded as patent product in 1989. This hot air furnace integrates combustion and heat exchanging into a whole. Heat exchanging happens at high-temperature zone in furnace. Smoke and air go in separate ways, which definitely causes no pollution to environment. Thermal efficiency can reach to as high as 65% to 75%. Taida hot air furnace is featured in quick temperature increase, small bulk, easy installation, reliable running and lower investment cost. With special heat-resistant measures, Taida coal-fired hot air furnace holds much longer service life than common hot air furnace. Temperature of hot air output can reach to 300 degrees. Meanwhile, it adopts vertical heat radiation fin and negative pressure smoke discharging method. There will be no dust collecting at heat exchanging part, so no need to do cleaning job. Hot air furnace holds stable performance. Customers can use various coal or woods as fuels. Matched with secondary fan, technical indexes of this furnace have achieved advanced level at home.
  This furnace adopts general hot air heating device. Matched with various drying machine, it can be widely applied to heat and dewater grain, seeds, feedstuff, fruit, vegetable, mushroom, agaric, fungus, tea and Tabaco, agricultural products, medicine, chemical materials, light industrial materials. In addition, it can also be used to heat infrastructure and warehouse dehumidification. 

Working Principle

Direct-heating high purification hot air furnace 

It adopts direct combustion mode. After high purification treatment, hot air wind is formed. Materials are heated and baked directly. Compared with steam or other indirect heating mode, its fuel consumption is decreased by 50%. Therefore, while no affecting the quality of dried materials, customers can be assured to use high purification hot air furnace. 

Fuels can be divided into: 

1.Solid fuels: coal and coke;

Hot air furnace 

2.Liquid fuel like diesel, heavy oil or Alcohol-based fuel

3.Gaseous fuel like coal gas, natural gas and LPG; 

After combustion reaction, there will be hot combustion gas produced which will further contact with outer air. When temperature of mixture reaches to certain degree, it will enter drying chamber and baking room. Hot air will contact with materials to be dried. Materials will be heated and partial moisture will be evaporated. In order to utilize reaction heat of these fuel, users are supposed to add one more set of combustion devices, like coal-fired burner, oil burner and coal gas burner. 

Indirect hot air furnace 

It is mainly applied to dry materials which cannot be polluted or heat-sensitive materials such as milk powder, pharmacy, synthetic resin and other fine chemical materials. Indirect hot air furnace takes steam, conduction oil and flue gas as carrier and heat air by various forms of heat exchanger. 

Key point of indirect hot air furnace is heat exchanging. Larger heat exchanging area is, higher the thermal efficiency will be and better energy-saving effect will be. Correspondingly, service life of furnace body and heat exchanger will be longer. On the contrary, heat exchanging area can be identified by temperature of flue gas. Lower the furnace temperature is, higher the heat exchanging efficiency is and larger heat exchanging area will be. 

After separation of fuel and heating source, indirect hot air furnace can be used to human heating. 

Working principle 

Working principle can be divided into two types, heat accumulating type and heat exchanging type. 

Heat accumulating type: according to heat accumulator, it can be divided into ball type hot air furnace and checker brick hot air furnace. According to combustion, it can be divided into top combustion furnace, internal combustion furnace and external combustion furnace. How to increase hot air temperature is always study direction of insiders. Most commonly used method is burn mixture of fuel gas with high calorific value. Users can also add the heat exchanging area of checker bricks and change the texture, density and shape of accumulator. In this way, coal gas and combustion air can be preheated. 

Hot air furnace system

Advantages: high heat exchanging temperature; high thermal efficiency; 

Heat exchanging mode: Taida hot air furnace mainly adopts heat-resistant spare parts.

Ceramic hot air furnace 

Metal texture hot air furnace: combustion air is fully burnt in burning chamber. Burnt hot air will pass by heat exchanger and exchange heat to fresh cold air. Temperature of fresh air can reach to higher than 1000 degrees. 

Advantages: high heat exchange temperature; high thermal efficiency; small bulk; stable hot air; long service life; low investment cost; 


Technical Data

Model TDRF-15 TDRF-20 TDRF-30 TDRF-40 TDRF-60 TDRF-80 TDRF-100
Inner diameter 760 760 1170 1170 1470 1670 1870
Outer diameter 1280 1280 1840 1840 2200 2460 2700
Height 3500 3500 4260 4760 4810 5110 5310
Weight 3.15T 3.65T 6.8T 7.5T 9.8T 11.7T 13.5T
Hot air outlet diameter 300 300 500 500 500 600 600
Hot air outlet height 1585 1585 1670 1670 1670 1770 1770
Flue gas outlet diameter 250 250 250 250 250 300 320
Flue gas outlet height 2050 2050 2220 2220 2220 2385 2385
Elbow model XZD/G 578Φ XZD/G Φ810
Coal consumption/h 43kg 57kg 85kg 115kg 170kg 230kg 286kg
Combustion value  5000Kcal/h
Thermal efficiency 70-78% 75-80%
ID fan model Y5-47-3.15C-1.5KW Y5-47-4C-2.2KW Y5-47-4C-3KW Y5-47-4C-4KW Y5-47-5C-7.5KW Y5-47-5C-7.5KW

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