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High-pressure Briquetting Machine

    Total pressure】: 150-1000 t
    Production capacity】: 0.5-50(2.2-50t/h)
    Application range】:high-pressure ball press machine can be widely applied to coal, mining, metallurgy, refractories, chemical industry and building materials.


High-pressure ball press machine is a kind of equipment which produces briquettes by adding binder after crushing raw materials, such as aluminum filings, active carbon alumina, quick lime, oxidized iron sheet, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum ash powder and Silicon manganese ore. Aims of high-pressure ball press machine are reducing dust, controlling volume, reutilizing and improving conveying performance. 

Main characteristics: 

1. Stable rotary speed, high briquetting rate, uniform product particles; 

2. Briquetting pressure is higher than before; briquetting pressure can be adjustable; final products are with good quality; 

3. Briquetting system is safe and mature. convenient to replace spare parts; less maintenance work; 

4. Simple and compact structure; save space; reliable working performance; 

5. Smooth demoulding; low noise; less dust emission; 

6. According to different customers’ requests, final products can be made into different shapes.

High-pressure ball press machine is mainly composed of motor, v-belt, reducer, open gear, pressure-adding device, roller, bracket, shell, bearing and discharging device. 

High-pressure Briquetting Machine

High-pressure ball press machine is also called hydraulic pressure machine. It is suitable for industrial gas generation, boiler coal briquettes, form coke, household coal briquettes, household metallurgy, refractories, medicine and other materials. High-pressure ball press machine is mainly used to produce coal briquettes and metallurgy ore powder. Generally, powder materials need to briquetted by high-pressure ball press machine. Roller skin is made of 65 manganese texture. After thermal processing, hardness can reach to over than 58 degree. By adopting combination assembly, roller skin can be replaceable after abrasion. Briquettes products produced by high-pressure ball press machine are environmental friendly and easy to transport, which improves utilization efficiency of wastes materials. Briquettes products hold high social and economic benefits. 

Working Principle

Power of main body of high pressure ball press machine is provided by electromagnetic speed motor. After passing by belt wheel and cylindrical gear reducer, these power will be sent to main shaft through coupler. Main shaft and driven shaft will run synchronously through open gear. There is one hydraulic device equipped behind driven shaft base. Screw conveying device will be driven by electrostatic motor through belt wheel and screw decelerator. Raw materials will be forced to feeding inlet. Owing to the constant moment characteristics, when the materials quantity fed is equal to raw materials needed, screw conveyor can keep constant feeding pressure which can guarantee stable quality of final products. If feeding quality is too large, screw conveyor will be overload. If feeding quantity is too small, it will be very hard to produce perfect balls. Therefore, mature operation skill is a very important condition for guaranteeing good final quality.  
Hydraulic pump will force high-pressure oil to hydraulic cylinder, which will change place of plunger. This is how hydraulic protection device works. Front interface of piston rod will be against bearing base in order to meet production pressure demand. When feeding quantity is too much or there is metal block mixing in raw materials, hydraulic cylinder will be overload. Correspondingly, hydraulic pump will stop working. Energy accumulators has buffer function for pressure change. Overflow valve will start oil backing process and place change of piston rod will become larger which will let hard matters pass through roller. Then, system pressure becomes normal. In this way, roller pressure can be protected against damage. Taida high-pressure can adjust pressure according to briquetting density. Production process is flexible.


Technical Data

Model Power(kw) Roller diameter Roller width Output(t) Weight(t)
TY300 18.5 299 110 0.5 Models above need to be customized
TY360 37 367 183 1
TY380 45 387 210 1.5
TY400 45 399.5 232 2
TY480 55 480 196 2.5
TY520-150 55 520 196 2.2-3.5 13
TY650-220 110 650 200 4-6.5 19.2
TY750-300 185 750 280 6-8.5 34
TY1000-350 250 1000 440 10-15 50.8
TY1000-450 280 1000 504 14-17 58.5
TY1000-500 315 1000 504 15-20 58.5
TYS1000-500 280 1000 600 17-21 56.5
GY1000-540 185*2 1000 900 30-35 60
TY1200-800 280*2 1200 900 40 110
TY1400-1000 400*2 1400 1000 50 156

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