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Static-pressure Briquetting Machine

    • Production capacity】: 2 to 12 t/h
    • Applicable materials】: coal powder, carbon powder, sludge, dust, metal powder and etc. 
    • Application range】: can be applied to industrial gas production, boiler, cold coal briquettes, igniting coal briquettes, household coal briquettes, household metallurgy, refractories, medicine and etc. 


1. Wide application range: static-pressure ball press machine can be used to briquette coal powder, coal slurry, coke coal and etc. with superior effect; 

2. Static-pressure ball press machine manufactured by Taida holds less investment cost; with durable features. 

3. Static-pressure ball press machine holds small volume. Therefore, it suitable to be used for customers who has limited space; with less energy consumption; it is a kind of portable equipment. 




Static-pressure Briquetting Machine

Static-pressure ball press machine (low-pressure ball press machine is suitable to be applied to industrial gas generation, boiler coal, cold-pressure coal briquettes, household coal briquettes, household metallurgy, refractories and medicines and etc.
Static-pressure ball press is mainly applied to professional chemical industry. It is suitable to briquette wet powder. Users just need add certain proportion of water or liquid binder. Low-pressure ball press machine holds very good effect for multiple materials, such as light-burning magnesium powder, oxidizing iron sheet, steel plant sludge and iron powder. Low-pressure ball press machine is equipped with reducer. Motor and reducer are driven by arch-shaped coupler. Two rollers of main body will rotate oppositely under the driven of synchronized gear. Static-pressure machine is composed of motor, reducer, frame, briquetting unit and final product conveying system. It is mainly characterized by small area occupation area and small energy consumption. It can be portable and be matched with small conveyor. 

Working Principle

Static-pressure ball press machine adopts 65 manganese for its roller skin. After thermal processing, its hardness can reach to higher than 58. By adopting combined assembly, roller sheet can be replaceable after abrasion. Static-pressure ball press machine is equipped with buffer device which can effectively protect equipment against collision caused by hard matters. Static-pressure ball press machine is set with ball sockets which make the distance adjustable. Through V-belt, ore powder can be sent to reducer which will connect with coupler. Materials will be sent to main shaft. A pair of open gear can guarantee two rollers synchronized. Passive roller is supported by plug in hydraulic cylinder. Pressure of the whole system is kept by hydraulic circuit and energy storer. Raw materials will enter hopper of ball press machine through material storing silo evenly. Through the adjustment of adjusting valve on hopper, materials can evenly enter space between rollers. Briquetting pressure of roller which run oppositely with same speed will grow larger and larger. Briquetting pressure will reach maximum at the central line of roller. After passing the central line, briquetting pressure will become smaller and smaller gradually. 

Technical Data

Model THB290 THB360 THB430 THB520 THB670 THB800 THB1000
Roller diameter(mm) 290 360 430 520 670 800 1000
Particle size ≤3MM
Designed output(t/h) 1.5-2.5 2-4 3-8 6-10 10-15 15-22 22-30
Ball size Customers choose flexibly
Power(Kw) 5.5 7.5 15 18 25 30 45

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