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Carbon Powder Briquetting Machine

    • Production capacity】:  1 to 30t/h
    • Applicable materials】: carbon powder, iron filings, ore slag, tail slag, oxidized iron sheet, sludge, active carbon, kaolin, powder material, waste slag, waste material. 
    • Applicable range】: carbon powder ball press machine can be widely applied to heat provide, energy, refractories, metallurgy, power plant and transportation industries. 


1. Carbon powder ball press machine can adapt to materials with different size, from 90 to 260 meshes.

2. Guarantee there is no metal matters carried in raw materials. Otherwise, roller surface may be damaged. 

3. Meet materials providing demand. Can adopt screw feeder whose speed can be adjustable. Operators can adjust feeding quantity according to material-backing quantity. 

4. Carbon powder ball press machine holds high briquetting pressure. Rpm of main body can be adjusted. Carbon powder ball press machine is set with screw material conveying device which is very suitable for materials difficult to be briquetted. 

Common raw materials for carbon powder ball press machine are shown as below: 


Carbon Powder Briquetting Machine

  Carbon powder ball press machine can be used to briquette various materials. It cannot only provide convenience to transportation and reduce pollution to environment, but also can improve utilization rate of fertilizer. Therefore, carbon powder ball press machine holds certain degree of social and economic effects. There are many kinds of materials which can be briquetted by carbon powder ball press machine, such as coke, carbon powder, iron filings, coal powder, ore slag, tail ore, oxidized iron sheet, sludge, active carbon, kaolin, powder material, waste material, fertilizer and etc. at present, carbon powder ball press machine is widely applied to heat providing, energy, refractories, metallurgy, power plant, transportation and other relevant industries. After being briquetted, materials are easy to be stored and transported, which not only improves utilization efficiency of wastes, but also brings about great social and economic benefits. 

Working Principle

There is one main motor providing power which will be sent to reducer through V-belt. Reducer will connect with driving shaft through coupler in order to achieve power transportation. There is a pair of roller and open gear can guarantee that this pair of roller rotate oppositely with same speed. Hydraulic cylinder has a support function. Hydraulic control valve and hydraulic circuit can guarantee system’s pressure. Storage silo can guarantee that raw materials can enter briquetting silo evenly. Feeding amount can be adjusted by adjusting valve. At the running beginning, roller pressure of raw materials will become larger gradually. When the briquetting pressure become largest, final briquetted balls can be discharged smoothly. 

Technical Data

Model THB290 THB360 THB430 THB520 THB670 THB800 THB1000
Roller diameter(mm) 290 360 430 520 670 800 1000
Particle size ≤3MM
Designed output(t/h) 1.5-2.5 2-4 3-8 6-10 10-15 15-22 22-30
Ball size Customers choose flexibly
Power(Kw) 5.5 7.5 15 18 25 30 45

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