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Wastes&slag Briquetting Machine

    Output capacity:0.5~50t/h
    Applicable materialsgypsum, phosphogypsum from phosphate fertilizer plant, desulfurized gypsum from power plant and other wastes. 


  High-pressure briquetting machine can briquette powder materials into final ball products. In addition, the output capacity is very high. No matter considering from raw materials or test analysis report, wastes and slags can be widely applied to building industry. This equipment can produce final ideal balls from wastes, slag and powder directly without adding too much binder. Also, granulation rate is higher than 90%. Briquetted balls are with high hardness. During transportation process, briquetted balls cannot be broke easily. Final pellets can be supplied to cement factory to replace natural gypsum used as retarder. 

Performance and characteristics 

1. Stable rotary speed, high briquetting rate; even final granularity; 

2. Briquetting pressure is much larger than before; the pressure can be adjusted; final products are with good quality. 

3. Briquetting system are with safe and reliable system; spare parts are easily replaced. 

4. High-pressure briquetting machine holds simple and compact structure; it occupies less area; with reliable production process; 

5. Smooth working condition, low noise level; less dust emission; 

6. According to customer’s requests, this high briquetting machine can be used to briquette various final shapes. 

  Wastes&slag high-pressure briquette machine is mainly composed of electrical motor, v-belt, reducer, open gears, press roller, bracket, shell, pressure device, feeding hopper, bearing assembly and double-discharge device. 


Wastes&slag Briquetting Machine

Main parts of wastes slag high pressure briquette machine is double-roll briquette which holds a pair of parallel cylindrical wheel with same diameter and certain gap. There are many hemisphere nests which hold same shape, same size and same arranging rule. Under the driven by electromotor, these two cylindrical wheel will rotate oppositely in the same speed. When materials fall between the two cylindrical wheels, raw materials will be pressed and briquetted. At this moment, there will be volume compression appearing between two ball sockets. With the continuous rotation of cylindrical wheel, ball socket will close gradually. The briquetting pressure will increase gradually. When the distance between two ball sockets become minimum, the briquetting pressure will become maximally. Then, the rotation of cylindrical wheel will make ball sockets separate gradually and briquetting pressure will become smaller and smaller. Before briquetting pressure becoming zero, briquetted wastes and slag will start to swell and separate gradually and break away smoothly. 

Working Principle

Main part of high-pressure briquetting machine is double-roller forming device which holds a pair of parallel cylindrical wheel with same diameter. There are many same semi-ball sockets which are arranged regularly. Under the driven of motor, two mould wheel will move oppositely in the same speed. When raw materials fall down between the two mould wheels, materials will be pressed and briquetted. At this time, the volume of raw materials will be compressed. With the continuous rotation of mould wheel, ball sockets gradually close. When the distance between two ball sockets is smallest, the briquetting pressure will become the highest. Then, the rotation of moulding wheel will make ball sockets separate gradually and the briquetting pressure will become small gradually. Before briquetting pressure becomes zero, briquetted wastes and slags will swell and break away from machine smoothly. 

Technical Data

Model Power
Roller Diameter Roller width Output(t) Weight(t)
TY300 18.5 299 110 0.5 Models above need to be customized. 
TY360 37 367 183 1
TY380 45 387 210 1.5
TY400 45 399.5 232 2
TY480 55 480 196 2.5
TY520-150 55 520 196 2.2-3.5 13
TY650-220 110 650 200 4-6.5 19.2
TY750-300 185 750 280 6-8.5 34
TY1000-350 250 1000 440 10-15 50.8
TY1000-450 280 1000 504 14-17 58.5
TY1000-500 315 1000 504 15-20 58.5
TYS1000-500 280 1000 600 17-21 56.5
GY1000-540 185*2 1000 900 30-35 60
TY1200-800 280*2 1200 900 40 110
TY1400-1000 400*2 1400 1000 50 156

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