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Chemical Materials Briquetting Machine

    Total pressure】: 150-1000 t
    Output capacity】: 0.5-50(2.2-50t/h)
    Application range】:it is mainly applied to coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, chemical and construction industry. 


 Production rate of chemical materials briquetting machine can reach to more than 90%. Raw materials can be made into perfect final shape one time. In addition, final products are with hard surface. Briquetted aluminum balls can greatly reduce the waste of alumina powder. It can also reduce pollution caused during exploiting and transporting process. This briquetting machine can also provide products demanded by market. It can be called as one machine which can realize social, economic and environmental benefits. High-pressure briquetting machine is characterized by advanced technology and reliable quality. With high working pressure, it is suitable for production with certain production scale in various enterprises. High-pressure chemical materials briquetting machine holds following main features. 

1. With less investment and higher output capacity. No need to add extra additives. Can carry out production continuously. 

2. Simple operation: the whole briquetting production line can be sent by conveyor and controlled by electrical control system. Middle process needs no worker to operate, which will save time and money. 

3. Cause less pollution: this machine adopts energy-saving and environmental system, which decreases dust and noise pollution caused in the production process. 

4. High return profit: after being briquetted, it is more convenient for materials to be transported. Utilization rate of wastes are improved. This machine holds good social and economic effectiveness. 


Chemical Materials Briquetting Machine

 Chemical materials are not easy to be transported and utilized. Therefore, wasted chemical materials are always made into ball shape, oval shape or square shape by briquetting machine. Chemical materials briquetting machine can make raw materials into final briquettes directly after crushing process. No need to add extra water. It is mainly applied to ball-forming and briquetting process in the production of desulfurized gypsum and gypsum. Chemical materials such as caustic soda, gypsum, desulfurized gypsum and paints are should be processed by briquetting machine before being sent to furnace. 

Working Principle

Chemical raw material briquetting machine consists of many parts, motor, roller, reducer, machine frame, opening gear, feeding device, pressure device and bearing assembly. Chemical material briquetting machine plays very important role in molding technology. Mold wheel is central system in this equipment. This briquetting machine holds a pair of parallel mold wheel with same diameter. There are some semi ball sockets with regular placement and same shape. When motor starts running, this pair of mold wheel will also roll oppositely with same speed. Materials will be pressed at the connection part of this pair of mold wheel. Volume of raw materials will become smaller. Along with the rotation of mold wheel, ball sockets will close gradually. With more pressure on materials, volume will shrink further. When the distance between ball sockets, briquetting pressure will reach to highest level. Then, along with the moving of molding wheel, distance between mold wheels will become larger and larger. Accordingly, briquetting pressure will become smaller and smaller, which will make the whole briquetting process smoothly and efficiently. 

Technical Data

Model Power
Roller Diameter Roller width Output(t) Weight(t)
TY300 18.5 299 110 0.5 Models above need to be customized. 
TY360 37 367 183 1
TY380 45 387 210 1.5
TY400 45 399.5 232 2
TY480 55 480 196 2.5
TY520-150 55 520 196 2.2-3.5 13
TY650-220 110 650 200 4-6.5 19.2
TY750-300 185 750 280 6-8.5 34
TY1000-350 250 1000 440 10-15 50.8
TY1000-450 280 1000 504 14-17 58.5
TY1000-500 315 1000 504 15-20 58.5
TYS1000-500 280 1000 600 17-21 56.5
GY1000-540 185*2 1000 900 30-35 60
TY1200-800 280*2 1200 900 40 110
TY1400-1000 400*2 1400 1000 50 156

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