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Vertical Crusher

    Feeding size】: 30-60(mm)
    Output capacity】: 24-715(t/h)
    Application range】: Vertical impact crusher is widely used in artificial sand production in water conservancy and hydropower, refractory materials, construction, high-grade highways, railways and other industries.
    Applicable materials】: Vertical impact crusher is especially superior to other types of products in the hard, hard and corrosive materials such as granite, basalt, graystone and sandstone. In artificial sand, its crushing capacity far exceeds other similar products, is the most ideal artificial sand equipment.


Structural features 1

1.TD series vertical impact crusher feed hopper hopper height adjustable gate and the sub-tray with hydraulic driven ram, the center of the feed and the window can be precisely controlled the ratio between the split in order to achieve the discharge of Adjustment. (Optional)
2. Top Crane + Stacking Diverter The quick replacement of wearing parts inside the impeller can be realized without the aid of an external crane, thus saving the production cost. (Optional)
3. Double handles the structure of the door to open and lock exceptionally difficult, while the daily inspection of the impeller has become quick and easy.
4. The enhanced spindle assembly makes the crusher have smaller vibration value and longer bearing life; the simple and reliable grease lubrication method requires low maintenance, and ensures the steady and steady operation of the spindle assembly.
5. Perfect impeller structure + excellent consumable performance to improve crusher performance to the best, to minimize consumption, which means shorter downtime and minimal maintenance workload.

Structural Features 2

(1) The structure is simple and reasonable, and the operation cost is low. Use stone stone principle, wear small.

(2) high rate of broken, energy saving.

(3) with crushing, coarse grinding function.

(4) suitable for crushing medium and hard materials.

(5) product cube, bulk density, iron pollution is minimal.

(6) Impeller self wear small, easy maintenance.

Vertical Crusher

  Vertical crusher as a general term, can be divided into many kinds. Such as: jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and so on. In accordance with the form of movement can be divided into: Jane pendulum crusher and compound pendulum crusher. In accordance with the size of broken materials can be divided into: coarse crusher and thin broken machine. The series crusher is widely used in mining crushing, stone mining, coal crushing and broken cement raw materials.
  One of the pendulum crusher is suitable for rough crushing operations, the crushing equipment to become large and medium-sized crusher, suitable for crushing hard materials, due to the uneven size of the material crushed, it is not suitable for crushing the structure into a sheet of material. The compound pendulum crusher is suitable for medium crushing operation. The series crusher is generally medium and small crushing equipment, which is mainly used for crushing hard materials, and is also not suitable for crushing the materials into pieces.
  One of the difference between the coarse broken and broken broken is the different particle size. In the production process is generally the first choice of crude materials broken through the screening after the fine broken broken processing.

Working Principle

  TD vertical impact crusher using the material from the top of the machine vertically into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella-shaped flow diversion in the impeller around the material generated high-speed impact and crushing, the material collide After the vortex wheel will again form a material between the vortex with each other impact, friction and smash through the lower part of the direct discharge, the formation of closed-loop multiple times, controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required product size.
  Stone stone: PLS series of vertical impact crusher through the material from the upper part of the vertical uniform equipment, part of the material through the feeder and into the high-speed rotation of the impeller cavity, under the action of high-speed centrifugal force from the impeller launch port ejected, And the other part in the form of an umbrella through the distributor subdivided into the impeller circumference of the material high-speed impact crushing, the material in each other after the collision, will vortex and vortex cavity vortex and multiple impact crushing.
Rock Blacksmith: PLS series of vertical impact crusher through the material from the upper part of the vertical uniform fall through the feed tube into the high-speed rotation of the impeller cavity in the role of high-speed centrifugal force from the impeller launch port ejected out of the whirlpool cavity Impeller impact on the metal counterattack or counterattack high-speed impact crushing.

Technical Data

Model Output capacity(t/h) Inlet size(mm) Outlet size(mm) Rotary speed(r/min) Power(kw)
TD500 5-10 ≤60 ≤3  90% 1300 7.5-11
TD600 10-15 ≤80 ≤3  90% 1200 11-15
TD800 15-20 ≤120 ≤3  90% 1200 22-30
TD1000 25-40 ≤180 ≤3  90% 980 45-55
TD1250 40-70 ≤220 ≤3  90% 780 75-90
TD1500 70-100 ≤240 ≤3  85% 650 110-132
TD1750 100-130 ≤280 ≤3  85% 580 160-185
TD2000 130-160 ≤300 ≤3  85% 500 185-220

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