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Coal Briquetting Production Line




Application of coal briquetting production line

The coal powder is easy to be compressed by coal, and it is inconvenient to transport and use. The coal powder is usually pressed into ball type, goose egg type, square type and so on.The coal production line can be dry to a certain degree of coal slime, coal ash and other loose coal products to suppress forming coal, coke and various carbon products, direct smelting and application;Iron powder can also be used to suppress the formation of sponge iron and various mineral powders.The equipment has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, refractory, abrasive, fertilizer, ceramics and other industries.

Coal briquetting production line——process flow chart

【Flow chart of  coal briquetting production line for household aim】
【Flow chart of  coal briquetting production line for industrial aim】

Advantages of coal briquetting production line

1. Environmental protection, energy saving, stable production and high efficiency and low consumption;
2. The quality of finished pellets of the type coal production line;
3. Reliable performance, convenient maintenance, little investment, quick effect and remarkable economic benefits;
4. Lower labor costs and lower wage costs;
5. The main equipment runs fast and the output is large and easy to operate;
6, it can produce specifications in Φ 85-150 - mm diameter range type of formed coal, coke and other special-shaped products.


Coal briquetting production line——main equipment


型煤压球机【Coal briquetting machine】

  The production of various metallurgical powder cold press pellets, all powdery materials, need to press the ball of the need of the coal pelleting machine to complete.For example: coal powder, coke powder, various black non-ferrous metal mineral powder, oxidized iron sheet and dust removal ash, sludge, resistant material, etc.
  Zhengzhou taida can design and manufacture high pressure, high strength press ball machine, mainly used for the production of color and black metal powder, directly into the furnace to improve the added value.All metallurgical industry waste, auxiliary materials need to be furnace, all need type coal press to complete.For example: dust ash, pool mud, oxidized skin, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum powder, silica manganese powder, etc.

双轴搅拌机【Double-shaft mixer】

  Because the gas producer has a strict standard for the content of the ball egg binder, it is required to be more than 90% uniform, otherwise the coal eggs that are not hot enough will be boring.So coal gasification type equipment mainly equipped with biaxial mixing process and planetary forced mixing process, variable flow ingredients to fixed ingredients (i.e., a ton of coal need how many adhesives, quantitative add), accurately control the quantity of the two.
 The function of the double shaft mixer can achieve the perfect mixing degree, which can guarantee the consistency of the coal ball adhesives.

Dry Powder Briquetting Production Line

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