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Zhoushan Fish Feed Pellet Production Site



Zhoushan Fish Feed Pellet Production Site

    Working hours】:15h
    Output capacity】:300kg-400kg、h
    Application range】:Can be widely used in dog, cat, fish and shrimp, fox, bird and various pet food production.
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  Zhoushan is China's largest seafood production, processing and marketing base, zhoushan fishing ground is China's largest fisheries, known as "the east China sea fish warehouse" and "the seafood" zhoushan harbor, channel, is a handful of natural deep-water harbor in China, ningbo - zhoushan port cargo throughput is located in the world.Zhoushan has developed into a strong ocean economy, and it is also a famous maritime cultural city, a maritime garden city, an excellent tourist city in China and a national health city.
  Near jiangsu and zhejiang area, as a large Marine base.The selection of excellent fish feed has become one of the main considerations for aquaculture owners in the region.Zhengzhou teda has been engaged in the production of dry granulation equipment for many years. Therefore, in the process of purchasing fish pellet feed production equipment in zhongyuan area, zhengzhou teda becomes the first choice for zhoushan customers.

Customer Feedback

  The quality of feed is closely related to the news on the farm.The fish farming industry in zhoushan area is much like cow hair, how to stand out among hundreds or even thousands of fish breeding enterprises, is also a concern of many fish farms.The nutritive value and quality of fish feed determine whether it is nutritious or not.Ordinary fish feed has been unable to meet the current demand, most manufacturers gradually choose pellet feed.But in general, the pressing process of the granulator will destroy the nutrients of the material.
  Zhengzhou Taida Group can manufacture by different fish feed production equipment, can not only ensure to keep the original nutrients does not leak, and can be blended with appropriate nutrients such as protein, improved the fish pellet feed nutritional value, promote absorption effect of fish.In order to fully prove the effect of zhengzhou taida fish feed pellet machine, our initial purchase in advance to a certain amount of fish feed used in our farms, after a fish of experimental observation, the teda particle machine made particle farmed fish is more healthy spirit, sales better, had to admit that the unique advantages of Taida fish pellet feed equipment.

1. The main motor adopts frequency conversion control, energy saving and easy operation, and adopts variable frequency speed regulating feeder, and the feeding is even.
2. Host gear box is equipped with gear oil pump cooling, lubrication system, double screw extrusion pump body and biaxial extended differential modulator, make sufficient material aging degree and the material of the gelatinization degree of more than 98%.
3. A wide variety of raw materials, with more than 12% oil in the feed formula.The screw has excellent self-cleaning ability.
4. Do not need to clean machine boring and screw when restarting or replacing material varieties.The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed control to adapt to different kinds of raw materials.
5. Special materials are adopted for the screw thread, special process, wear resistance and pressure.
6. High temperature and high pressure sterilization is obtained during processing, which ensures the hygienic safety of feed products..
7. Cylindrical hole diameter d=1mm-10mm, and other special shape die holes (which can be made according to customer requirements).
8. It is suitable for processing aquaculture expansions (floating, sinkable) water stability for more than 24 hours.
9. It can also be used for processing ornamental fish, materials, Suckling pig, young animals, animal and poultry puffing and high quality puffing food.

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