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Briquetting Pressure Should be Paid Attention to While Purch

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Briquetting machine/ball press machine is a powder material pressed into the ball equipment, many users in the purchase of pressure ball machine equipment, with special emphasis on the quality of the pressure roller, in fact, attention to the pressure roller at the same time, the pressure ball molding is the key pressure, So in the purchase of molding pressure do not neglect. Zhengzhou TEDA Mining and Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production of pressure ball machine equipment manufacturers, we have large-scale production lines, superb technology, tailor-made for your efficient, energy-saving equipment.

  The pressure from the pressure machine comes from many aspects:

  1, the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder
The use of hydraulic equipment and hydraulic pump package so that the roller into the material between the time to be able to maintain a constant pressure, the material molding.

 2, roller leather speed
 Adjust the roller skin speed should be in the ratio of motor and reducer work hard, now for the small size of the pressure ball machine electromagnetic speed motor, the use of speed regulator motor speed adjustment, in order to achieve the pressure ball machine speed , But at present the largest electromagnetic speed motor only 90kw, how to speed the large-size dry-type pressure ball machine? That only uses a better frequency control motor. By adjusting the motor power supply frequency to adjust the motor speed, in order to achieve pressure ball machine speed adjustment. Adjust the speed of the pressure ball machine, so that materials in the pressure roller roller skin pressure between the longer, so that the molding effect of the best.

  In the actual operation of the briquetting machine is prohibited to enter the machine, such as iron, stones and other hard materials, the size of the material to be processed to ensure that the following 3 mm, non-heavy load is prohibited, non-technical personnel indiscriminate disorganized mess equipment, Maintenance, observe reducer and bearing is lack of oil. Pressure ball machine structure consists of three parts, feeding part: If the amount of feed is too large, the feed device of the electrical overload, the feed is too small is not a ball. Transmission part: The host is powered by electromagnetic speed motor, the pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, through the pin coupling to the drive shaft coupling. Molding part: the core part is roll. So choose the molding pressure of professional pressure ball machine is crucial.

  To ensure the normal operation of the pressure ball machine, passed to the reducer, reducer through the coupling, passed to the drive shaft and then by a pair of open gear, forming pressure quickly become smaller so that the material into the off state, smooth off the ball. Ball machine internal data lines and video lines have done the corresponding grounding, the pressure ball machine internal GND terminal and the ground connection to ensure that the equipment effectively grounded. So choose the molding pressure of professional pressure ball machine is crucial.

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