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Pouring Mixer

    •  Applications
        The pouring mixer is mainly used to mix the suspended liquid of slurry, cement, quicklime, gypsum and aluminum paste injected into the tank body according to a certain proportion. The mixture is mixed evenly by the pouring mixer and fully reacted, and the mixed slurry is injected into the mold frame in time.The mixing intensity and time in the tank have great influence on the quality of aerated concrete.


Structure features

  The pouring machine adopts screw slurry stirring to form strong eddy current in the tank, which destroys the envelop of quicklime particles and makes the mixture fully uniform.At the same time, the adjustable casting arm with the casting process to adjust the height to prevent splashing.The machine can be fixed and mobile according to the process requirements.The stationary type is divided into floor type and suspension type, which can meet various needs of users.In the production line, all the measured materials are stirred evenly to achieve the physical and chemical indicators of pouring.

Pouring Mixer

Pouring mixer equipment type:
  Stationary and mobile.In the production line as fly ash beating and pulping ingredients.

Working Principle

Technical Data

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