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Cooperate with colleges and universities; have good command of advanced technology; 

 As leader of drying industry at home, Zhengzhou Taida attaches much importance to R&D of advanced technology in order to improve products’ technical level and optimize product performance.
 On one hand, through cooperation with colleges and universities, Zhengzhou Taida enhances the study to advanced technology at home and abroad. From 2000, Taida has established cooperation relations with universities successively in order to promote resource complementarity and enhance innovation ability.
  After long-term cooperation with Harbin University of Science and Technology and Henan university of Technology, Taida can provide more reliable, more stable and more efficient equipment for customer in order to meet demands from different aspects. 


Taida establish cooperation projects with America mass transfer research institute.

Recently, Taida built sound partnership with America mass transfer research institute. 



Taida and drying material technology assay lab in Netherlands University 

On the other hand, Taida pays much attention to cooperation relations with advanced groups at home in order to promote resource sharing and improve product quality. In 2011, Taida built drying analysis lab and test platform with Netherlands Deft University. Even, Taida holds deep communication with leading company for sludge disposal and utilization recently.


Independent research; transfer technology into productivity 

  While cooperation with famous universities and institutions at home, Taida insists on independent research, organizes R&D team and sets up special funds. Through innovation and R&D, Taida transfers technology into advanced productivity.
 Technical R&D center is core part of technical team and also strong basis of innovation subject and strong development. With the joining of various talents and acquisition of different patents, Zhengzhou Taida has become leader in drying industry.
  Taida insists on independent innovation principle. R&D investment accounts for more than 3% in total. With the support of different software, such as Ansys, Matlab, VCC, Easybuoder8000 and etc. Zhengzhou Taida continuously optimize R&D, design and every details in production in order to guarantee the perfection of drying plans. We also integrates R&D, technical service, marketing and production into a whole, which enhances company’s R&D and innovation ability and improves company’s competitiveness. 

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